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Special Notice as of 07/30/14:
After having had the pleasure of serving the area for fifteen years, from 1995 through 2010, Northern Herald has ceased publishing new issues. Our last issue was 07/12/2010, and, like other issues, is accessible in .pdf from this page. That future generations may learn from the history of the corruption of Northern Minnesota during this period, all archived back issues will continue to be available, either in The Library, below (issues through 03/07/05), or in .pdf (issues after 03/07/05), below, near the bottom of this page. Thank you for your readership!         -- Adam Steele, Editor
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Crime and Corruption Reporting So Accurate, The Print Edition was
(most locations)
In Bemidji
(called, by some, the "Crime Capitol of Minnesota")

"If We Don't Like the Facts, You Can't Read Them !"
Bemidji business, as well as the City of Bemidji, by Al Felix, City Attorney, have made a concerted effort to try to keep the facts and the free press out of the hands of Bemidjians who want it. That should tell you something about Bemidji business and city management. MENARDS, a major midwest employer and retailer, a few years ago, just said 'No' to Bemidji. Thinking people do. (Now, several years later, Bemidjians have offered Menards a better deal, and they're opening here soon.)
For additional boring information on EFFORTS TO SUPPRESS THE FREE PRESS in Bemidji and Park Rapids, click on "Where It's At," below.

To view a complete copy of the 7/30/01 Order of the United States Court of Appeals,
finding the actions of the City of Bemidji unconstitutional, click here.

On June 16th, 2003, the United States District Court, at Minneapolis, ordered the City of Bemidji to pay $3,001 in damages, plus costs, for violation of First Amendment rights, by attempting to suppress distribution of Northern Herald in Bemidji. Details in issue of 06/30/03 in The Library, Vol. 8 (link below).

Northern Herald is published quarterly by Northern Herald Publications, Inc., Bemidji, MN, for the benefit of the sane, normal and thinking people of Northern Minnesota; a distinct minority, but growing. Est. circulation: 5,000

Northern Herald

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An ongoing compilation of caveats, as well as some recommendations, from Northern Herald's Consumer Corner

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE - Some Worthwhile Organizations In Northern Minnesota
For those looking to give some money away, these are some organizations that use it to do particularly good things!

LIVING ON THE EDGE - Selected archives of Hot News from past issues. Required reading for those thinking of moving or investing here.

THE LIBRARY - Research library of back issues
Volume 1 - not yet online - certain particularly significant stories from 09/15/95 to 02/24/97 are included in Living on the Edge, above.
Volume 2 (partial) (02/24/97 - 10/12/97)
Volume 3 (10/13/97 - 09/15/98)
Volume 4, Part 1 (09/16/98 - 10/27/98)
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To receive the complete 06/16/08 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 3.3Mb - about 20 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

Significant Headlines of 06/16/08 issue:
LEADING EDGE JOURNALISM: Chairman Announces Progress Against Drugs, Gangs; LEADING EDGE JOURNALISM: Corruption Erupts in E. Gull Lake; Beltrami County Changes No-Insurance Towing Policy But Towing for No-Insurance Still Not Authorized By State Law; Hackensack Residents Air Complaints over new Police Chief; LEADING EDGE JOURNALISM - FOLLOW-UP: Bemidji Ridgeway Apts. Tenant Forced To Plead Guilty - Frame To Attain Eviction Suspected, Koochiching Co. Shafts Horse Rescuer; If You're Planning To Come To Bemidji This Summer, our best advice is Don't!; NEW IN BEMIDJI: Books, More Books, and More!; Correction (no, not even we are without sin); Ask the Tax Guy  by Adam Steele, Certified Public Accountant: "Tax Refunds" Available For "Nonfilers" This Year, But You've Got To File A Short Form To Get It; If You Have a 401(k), IRA or Other Retirement Plan;
In Focus:
EVERY WEEKEND IN EVERY OCTOBER - IN PARK RAPIDS Pumpkin Party at Carters!; The Magic Of MOONDANCE!; It's Back To Hack 2008 ! including Viva Rock Vegas! - The Snowflake Queen Pageant; Going Down County Rd. 4: New Thrift Store at LAKE GEORGE !, Population Explodes At Emmaville !, Some Real Buys at Deer Lane !; Rendezvous at White Oak!; Deer River Chili Cookoff; It's Chili Again at Remer!; Wendy's of Brainerd Celebrates 25th; They Call The Thing RODEO!
Your VCR/DVD Will Soon Be Unusable; SS DISABILITY - TODAY'S NOUVEAU RICHE: How To Live Well Without Working,
Consumer Corner
What Pet Owners Should Know About Risks of Vaccinating; "Cigarettes" for less than $1 a pack; Customers SOL (simply out of luck) At Bemidji Maytag Laundry; Things That Just Don't Work
Secondhand Smoke Has Never Killed Anyone
Breakfast at Emmaville!; Pizza and Wings at Mad Dog's!; Friday Walleye Feed At Dottie's!
Upcoming Summer Events worth going to
IF YOUR CAR WAS TOWED FOR NO-INSURANCE within the last 2 years, you may have a claim; VERY EXPENSIVE TAX SERVICE

To receive the complete 01/21/08 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.5Mb - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

Significant Headlines of 01/21/08 issue:

The Real Nitty-Gritty
Legendary, Multi-Award, and Socially-Conscientious Band Gave over $30,000 to Bemidji Emergency Services in 2002; Plays Here Again at COUNTRY FEST 2007!

I-35 Bridge: Victims Want To Know Why
But Court Ruling Delays Release of Information

Ridgeview Apts., Bemidji, Has Tenant
Arrested After Unlawful Eviction Attempt
Frame To Attain Eviction Suspected

U.S. Property Rights Die
An Obituary

Eight More Arrests in Red Lake "Pablo" Cocaine Ring

Cass Lake Fires Free Help For "Comments"

Chairman Jourdain Gives Twin Cities
KQRS "What For"

Taxpayers To Waste $Tens of Thousands on "Eurospring"

Thorson, Garvick Sentenced

Bemidji Council To Leave Legacy of Debt
Squanders $13 Million for "parks" acquisition

(no, not even we are without sin)


    Bemidji Jazz Fest To Be Feb. 1st - 2nd
      BSU Jazz Bands Play Remember When

In Focus

     Welcome Home, Vets!

    First Jammin' Country Fest An Absolute Smash!


        Canoe Races

        National Chainsaw Sculping Invitational


        Cass Lake Rib Fest

        4th Of July at Laporte


    Fun Facts

    Events Center May Raise Tuition Costs

    The Future of Journalism, if taught by BSU

    Blandin To Waste Money on Mengelkoch "newspaper"

    What You're Paying For

    The New Face Of Justice




Emmaville Store Thrift Store (New!)

Secondhand Smoke Has Never Killed Anyone

Consumer Corner

     A survey of Northern Roofing Contractors

    So What Does The USDA Do, in Meat, Anyway?
     Why that meat made you sick.

    Consumer Corner Quick Tips

           How Not To Be Bugged By Mosquitoes

           One Of The Best Deals On Wild Rice

           Gas Prices In Grand Rapids, Deer River

     Things That Just Don't Work


Improve your Word Power!
Vocabulary Update: Bipolar or ADHD

Bemidji's Car Care Center!
Including NH Recommended Tradesmen


To receive the complete 06/25/07 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.8M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 12/27/06 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.8M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 08/28/06 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.8M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

Significant Headlines of 08/28/06 issue:

The Court: Bemidji Police Chief Bruce
Preece Committed $500,000+ Fraud
This is the COMPLETE trial story (there was a brief encapulated Extra in last issue) for the
first time, and exclusively (we were the only press at the trial) in Northern Herald.
This story contains the Judge's ad verbatim findings and comments, directly from the
official Court record.

September Primary Candidates
for Judge, Beltrami Sheriff

2005 Steele Spheres Awarded

Pesticides Linked To M.S., Other Disorders

Vietnam Wall to be at Deer River 9/15/06

America at CountryFest!

In Focus
1st CountryFest Rocks Turtle River!
About 7,000 Attend - Event Will Be Back Next Year

Why Did Ethanol Price Go Up?

Hofland's Monitor Becomes The City's Problem.


From The Editor's Desk: About Cold Stone Ice Cream


Ed De La Hunt

    Annual Canoe Races Held at Hackensack

   Hack Celebrates Sweetheart Day


FALL HAS IT ALL at Hackensack!

Wine & Art Featured at Fall Fest

    Firemens' Fish Feed at Backus

    Backus Celebrates Old Timer's Weekend

Consumer Corner
    Totino and Betty Partying Again

    Hellmann's® Shrinking Jar

     Things That Just Don't Work

To receive the complete 05/29/06 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.8M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 02/27/06 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 2.8M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 12/12/05 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 3M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

Significant Headlines of 12/12/05 issue:

Railroad Runs Through Aitkin

Jerry Downs, Lakeland Farmers Ins., Shaft Local Homeowner
Offered $2,750 for $24,000+  Disaster

Northern Herald Goes to 8-Week Schedule

Back-To-Hack To Feature Volunteer Firefighters

December Wine Tastings at Hackensack

S. D. Initiative Would Hold Judges Accountable

Ericksons Recovering From Shooting

"Northwoods and Lakes" Real Estate Guide - Who is this?

Curtis Coubello at CajunFest!

Guest Column by Mrs. Patricia Gould
American Indian Commission Meets After Deadly Force Used


In Focus

    Dayton Scoggins, Brad Sharp Take Top Honors in Chainsaw Sculpting

    Waterfowl Weekend at Sportsman's Warehouse

    Harvest Fest at Remer!

    Hubbard Posse Holds Outing and Feed

    BSU Jazz Helps Us Remember When


Consumer Corner

    Prepaid Cellular: Costs Vary Greatly

    Snuff: Copenhagen vs. Longhorn

    Bemidji Tires Plus Saw Her Coming

     Furnace Replacement Comparisons - Bemidji Heating Contractors

     Things That Just Don't Work

         Toner Bums

To receive the complete 09/19/05 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 3M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 07/04/05 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 3M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

To receive the complete 05/16/05 issue of NORTHERN HERALD in .pdf format, (download size & time: 3M - about 15 minutes w/o broadband) click here.

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This is basic stuff to enable even Northern Minnesotans to fix their floppies! It enables you to easily remove the erroneous data bits that are garbaging up certain tracks, making them unreadable!

What we send you:
razor knife
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magnifying glass
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